Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fear of unknown

If I have to define the biggest fear of humankind I would say its fear of unknown .........we are phobic to literally all kind of imaginable and unimaginable stuffs...
When you try to live your dream its none other than your near one who have all the apprehensions about the outcome (mostly not appreciable by you) and you take all the pains to visualize your dreams to them...but of no use...

The world laugh at me
& say you are different 

I laugh back at them & say you all are same.....................

Monday, February 8, 2010

Laides & Gentleman

Creativity & Innovation is something which runs in every warriors of Aravali. Below is the part of mail sent on aravali group upon sucessful completion of 8th Annual Convocation on February 3, 2010. I find it good enough to hijack myway........JAIN jai ho!!!! I am publishing your work........(with critique/comments of mine in italics)

A true Aravalians uniform is incomplete without

(And what abouth shaved Gentleman & Ladies with platied hair)

 A true Aravalians vocab is incomplete without
“Punctuality, Discipline, Managerial & Leadership skills"

(fantastics and disgusting are second runner up)

A true Aravalians warning is incomplete without Prof M M Mehta
“By putting fines and notices on notice boards"

(Who better else than me can testify it by giving 200 bucks as fine just a day after
Convo. Juniors must remember my contri when you are out for next official picnic)

A true Aravalians morning assembly is incomplete without Mr. Sanjay Diddee
“By taking out the names for news"

(Kharrrrrrr............fuuuuuu...........Kharrrrrrrrrr.........fuuuuuuuu.........hope this sound makes sense to True Aravalians...its snorting sounds in the class...sorry to kill the fun part...)

A true Aravalians press release is incomplete without Mr. Amlan Bhattacharya
“By oral briefing the press and updating all the events in newspaper & magazine like Aravali Outreach..."

(If not Fantabulas than Fantastic that all I have to say .....See Mr. Amlan you must shoot the mail wz you have send to meeeee)

A true Aravalians sporty and team spirit is incomplete without Mr. Amit Bhati
“By arranging & organizing games for the sports day"

(Kudoos to Mr. Bhati and team led by none other than IPS...)

A true Aravalians knowledge of Operations is incomplete without Prof J M Pant
"By teaching terms like 5S, Kaizen, QC Tools, Six Sigma...."

(Suraj kee garme say taptay huyae man koo mil jaayae taruwar kee chayaa waisaa hee sukh mairay adhuray gyan koo milaa hai saran tayraee jab say mai aayaa ...mayray baabaa)

A true Aravalians desk is incomplete without Mrs. Anita Arya
“By helping & guiding each one of US"


A true Aravalians review is incomplete without
“Thinking Out of the Box"

(You only are the example)

If this work is published ARAVALI is truly a Pinnacle for Learning.

(Darling you Aravalian and that too proud with or without Publication....
Basically I am coming up with a project LL2A aka luv letter to aravali...and would luv to hire without compensation to pen down few chapters...soo don’t let your fountain dry.....)

Ms. Ritika Jain
Marketing Executive and B.D. Executive
Johari Digital Healthcare Ltd.