Thursday, January 28, 2010


Quite half the world is asleep and other half is in rush to fulfill their design. If I were asked to rate which state of mind is better then it will be a big Q. those who are asleep either they or their god know what they are fanaticizing. My friend Vikram a loyal husband and proud father of a cute baby told me few days backs that Bips come to her dream and they do things which can only be classified as infidelity. I share his romantic adventure with Nitu (named changed) again loyal wife of Vikram and before that good friend of mine. She said thanks god it’s not Rani…!!!!!!

Human species in some way or other always comes in different color of shades as in practical life there is no such thing as black and white and Irony is that very few can see things that help and sets all free. You are running away to catch something disguising under The mask, which neither let you cry really last when you have a deep pang nor let smile blackmail your face for a too long as somewhere deep down you are hurt beyond recovery. It’s hard to judge if yours eyes are twinkling or it’s just going to release a drop of tear from the corner of your eyes

At some point of time I was asked by Nitu what makes you happy, an innocent smile on child after having its desire fulfilled by mundane objects (by materialistic standard) was the reply of mine. Tell me the truth, she demanded…what is this I am giving you truth besides that its sheer company makes my surrounding heaven. Their attention seeking cries, hugging the strangers without bothering what their caste, creed, religion and of course sex, as though they are ardent follower of constitution of India. The corruptions only follow later. Who is the culprit? Playing with them with intention of loosing the game give more satisfaction than what we could have by defeating my cunning college.

That’s ok we know its universal but what else besides philosophical discourse on children. Doesn’t adult makes you happy. Boys after marriage becomes Man and girl only devil (I know Nitu will not mind it). It’s not like that I did not smell her intention but I wanted her to crystal clear the objective of the probing session. Without wasting sound and time energy she hits the bull eye- girlfriend? Now the devil in me starts manipulating the different permutation and combination of my response and there would be repercussions. If I say yes I do have, chances are there I might lose good opportunity if Nitu going to suggest some good match when I a having one who does not deserve me. Then again if I say no or have a recent break up which might be far from truth, results in KIA (decode the abbr. yourself) by someone whom I am ditching. 

The Prisoner dilemma kind of situation arise and its always better to follow middle path. After giving much chintan (thoughts) I just blush and give her million dollar smile just to make her puzzled by adding ONLY GOD KNOWS..............................

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dekh tayray sansar kee halat kya hoo gayee bhagwan kitnaa badal gaya insaan..........

Mission Save "X"


I am not feeling quite well today. Very few adults which can be counted , are blessed one to live the way they wanted to live, there are plenty of those troubled ones who feel life is no longer worth living for, are in desperate need of “jaadu kee jappee”. Something unacceptable is going on in our society and ‘Aall isn’t well’, I’m uncomfortable, all is falling apart, if we believe scary statistics. Quite recently I met a good friend name “X” having suicidal feelings. The adult life is saved by caring and sensitive listening by me when he/she was at his lowest. The psychologist in me guided “X”. I thought to myself, this “X” is blessed – he/she has a loving person in his/her life who didn’t give up on him/her. What of the others who feel isolated and desperate enough to kill themselves? And how can one possibly explain this phenomenon called suicide??? A good MRP topic to research on, hey what’s your call on that???

Every thing is fair in love and war ……’s my way of viewing the life and it might be possible that I am right to the six sigma level, but considering humanity, even that might result in frustration of say few hundred chances. I need to think to think some better rationale accommodation kabira philosophy “mai bhi bhukha naa rahu sadhuu naa bhukha jaayae”. Life is precious; importance should be give to feel more positive about none other than myself. Sarwaysaam shanti bhawatu, shukheenoo bhawantuu sarwadda (let peace be everywhere, let happiness be prevail in plant, animal and non-living kingdom). I like kabira philosphy, his message in simple and lucid manner which is need of the hour.

Paramhansa Yogananda often says music and spirituality is best healer for wounded souls. Yoga again comes to rescuing task, hats off to institute who are inculcating yoga in their acedimics in some way or other. Thanks Prof. Arya for this wonderful experience of life. Although we do have some ideological difference yet I respect him in totality and would like to share Bachhan Saab poem, which he send to our group when most of us where feeling not soo high then. I am justifying my credit rating by giving 99.999% to Prof. Arya and 0.0001% to Bachhan Saab taking shelter of Kabira lines “guru gobind daau kharay kkakay laagu paayay, balyhaari guru aapnay govind diyoo battayy”. Below is the much talked about poem--

nsh Rai Bachh
Lahroon Se Darr Kar.. Naauka Paar Nahin Hoti
Himmat Karne Walon Ki.. Haar Nahin Hoti
Nanhiin Chiitin Jab Daana Lekhar Chalti Hai
Chadhti Deewaroon Par Sau Baar Phisalti Hai
Mann Ka Vishwaas Ragoon Mein Saahas Barta Hai
Chadh Kar Girna.. Girkar Chadhna.. Naa Aakarta Hai
Aakhir Uski Mehnat.. Bekaar Nahin Hoti
Koshish Karne Walon Ki.. Haar Nahin Hoti
Dubkiyaan Sindhu Mein Goota Khoor Lagaata Hai
Jaa Jaa Kar Khaali Haath.. Laut Aata Hai
Milte Na Shaheej Ke Moti Paani Mein
Behta Doona Utsaah Isi Hairaani Mein
Muthi Uski Khaali.. Haar Baar Nahin Hoti
Himmat Karne Walon Ki.. Haar Nahin Hoti
Asafalta.. Ek Chunauti Hai.. Sweekaar Karoo
Kya Kami Rehgayi.. Dekho.. Aur Suthaar Karoo
Jabtak Nasafaal Ho.. Neend Chaain Ki Tyaago Tum
Sungharshoon Ka Maidaan.. Choodh Mat Bhaago Tum
Kucch Kiye Bina Hi.. Jay Jay Kar Nahin Hoti
Himmat Karne Walon Ki.. Haar Nahin Hoti
                                       - Credits: Harivaan
I know critics are their give to give their bite- there is nothing innovative, but at this desperate point in time, whatever we think can work, has to be given a chance. It’s my way of changing the world, to make it more breathable, you might have yours. No issue at all.

The key to solving the current sad situation lies in this – we no longer know who we are. People take ‘identity’ for granted, even though it is at the core of our lives. If we don’t know who the hell we are, it is safe to assume we are lost – emotionally and spiritually.

What “X” is facing today is a loss of identity, we have failed in our effort to connect with our own self. Dealing with an emergency- like situation, has to be tackled on a war footing if we are to pre-empt and prevent further deaths. Even Americans are better known for “Attack is the best way of defense”, though I have certain reservation on that. When 9/11 happen Mr. Bush announcement on the war against terrorism, EITHER YOU ARE WITH US OR AGAINST US (no space of Buddha middle path) and his justification on attack based on hate theory (we American are hated because we are rich, definitely you are, we are powerful, no second doubt on that, and we are good, I think its debatable). Anyway I find the superpower self acclaimed cruel good Americans as a ‘loser’. I can’t buy any justification for attacking Iraq on silly WMD propaganda and so called war in the name and fame of democracy. Considering the present geo-politics all major war currently happening around the word are tagged to mission save democracy. Its prestine virginity is cruelly raped by none other than its own sadist custodians.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

U have to start somewhere.....
I started... wait for good time...