Thursday, January 28, 2010


Quite half the world is asleep and other half is in rush to fulfill their design. If I were asked to rate which state of mind is better then it will be a big Q. those who are asleep either they or their god know what they are fanaticizing. My friend Vikram a loyal husband and proud father of a cute baby told me few days backs that Bips come to her dream and they do things which can only be classified as infidelity. I share his romantic adventure with Nitu (named changed) again loyal wife of Vikram and before that good friend of mine. She said thanks god it’s not Rani…!!!!!!

Human species in some way or other always comes in different color of shades as in practical life there is no such thing as black and white and Irony is that very few can see things that help and sets all free. You are running away to catch something disguising under The mask, which neither let you cry really last when you have a deep pang nor let smile blackmail your face for a too long as somewhere deep down you are hurt beyond recovery. It’s hard to judge if yours eyes are twinkling or it’s just going to release a drop of tear from the corner of your eyes

At some point of time I was asked by Nitu what makes you happy, an innocent smile on child after having its desire fulfilled by mundane objects (by materialistic standard) was the reply of mine. Tell me the truth, she demanded…what is this I am giving you truth besides that its sheer company makes my surrounding heaven. Their attention seeking cries, hugging the strangers without bothering what their caste, creed, religion and of course sex, as though they are ardent follower of constitution of India. The corruptions only follow later. Who is the culprit? Playing with them with intention of loosing the game give more satisfaction than what we could have by defeating my cunning college.

That’s ok we know its universal but what else besides philosophical discourse on children. Doesn’t adult makes you happy. Boys after marriage becomes Man and girl only devil (I know Nitu will not mind it). It’s not like that I did not smell her intention but I wanted her to crystal clear the objective of the probing session. Without wasting sound and time energy she hits the bull eye- girlfriend? Now the devil in me starts manipulating the different permutation and combination of my response and there would be repercussions. If I say yes I do have, chances are there I might lose good opportunity if Nitu going to suggest some good match when I a having one who does not deserve me. Then again if I say no or have a recent break up which might be far from truth, results in KIA (decode the abbr. yourself) by someone whom I am ditching. 

The Prisoner dilemma kind of situation arise and its always better to follow middle path. After giving much chintan (thoughts) I just blush and give her million dollar smile just to make her puzzled by adding ONLY GOD KNOWS..............................

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